Who We Are

At Lighthouse we believe that God is alive and wants to transform lives today. We believe in people, as Jesus did, and that everyone has something to offer. We believe in speaking up for those who cannot themselves. Through prayer and worship we see people and situations redeemed. The full document of our beliefs can be downloaded here…

Our Journey

Sheringham Baptist Church was formed from the faith of just 10 people in 1929. They continued to grow as they worshipped and prayed together. In September 2013, like those before us, we stepped out in faith and moved into the Lighthouse becoming Lighthouse Community Church. A building we built through the faith of a dedicated fellowship and the provision from a faithful God and a new name to highlight a fresh dedication to be lights in our community. Here at Lighthouse, we are grateful for what God has done and excited about what he is yet to do. We would love you to join us on this journey of discovering more of God and what he has for Sheringham.

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Lighthouse, 62 Cromer Road, Sheringham, NR26 8RT, 01263 669012