Hello Lighthouse family!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are well and enjoying the start of the new year! I would like to take this time to update you all on what I am up to!

In the summer I finished my second gap year with Youth for Christ and am no longer working for them. Alongside working here with Lighthouse, I am doing a 3-year university degree with Regents Theological College based in Malvern. The course I am doing is in Applied Theology and Church Leadership.

My university degree is slightly different to a normal degree. It is context-based, which means I have one lecture week each module and the rest of my time is spent on placement here working and studying. Over the course of each of the 3 years, I will have 6 modules and each module is broken down into 5 weeks. 

During week one I travel to university in Malvern for all of my lectures, which adds up to 20 hours of lectures over 4 days. Also, whilst on a lecture week, we have daily devotions, after-hour events organized by the events team, food, a chance for teas and coffees as well as sports. The other 4 weeks of each module I am back on placement but I must attend one webinar lecture each week and am expected to study alongside this. As a context student, I am expected to split 40 hours each week between study, writing assessments and working for Lighthouse. 

I am currently on my third module at Regents which is ‘Preparation for Leadership in Ministry’. The two modules I have already completed are ‘Introduction to Practical Theology’ and ‘Biblical Interpretation’. 

Thank you for welcoming me into the family here at Lighthouse and for your continued prayers and support. God bless.