During the first week of August, a group of over 40 of us from Lighthouse took the pilgrimage to the Norfolk show ground for the Christian youth festival Newday. We shared camping space with our friends from Oak Grove Community Church in Norwich and were joined by over 8,000 from across the UK and beyond joining together to worship Jesus.

As always this proved to be a hugely significant week in the faith journey of the young people as their vision of God is enlarged through worshipping with so many contemporaries. 

This year at Newday saw 395 young people become Christians, 344 make recommitments in their faith and 285 recorded healings, and our young people were among those that responded in each instance which was so encouraging.

The week also affords great opportunity for huge amounts of fun, deepening relationships and growing group dynamic with many new friendships being made. 

We were delighted to win best dressed group (unofficially)  and the Newday rounders tournament (officially).  

Thanks to all those who supported us either by coming on team, your financial gifts, your prayers and/or your cakes! 

We are already looking ahead to next year, dates for 2020 are August 3rd-9th, early bird price £125, letters forthcoming. 

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